Baby Time – Patience and Modern Medicine…

Melba03 It is almost midnight and Melba is sleeping comfortably. We hope the Cervidil strip is doing its magic. I know something is happening because Melba is having more contractions than earlier today.

She didn’t have good sleep last night so the nurse gave her some pain medication which has allowed her to dose off and get the needed rest before the storm.

Throughout her pregnancy she has done an unbelievable job of keeping herself in great shape. Being thirty nine she realized that she had to reduce the risks and she’s done a great job at doing that. She’s not taken any drugs — asprine, caffeine or the sorts. She’s gone with me three days a week and walked on the treadmill to keep in good shape. And finally, she has kept rested so that her body can better cope with what she is now going through.

Throughout the pregnancy we have been very blessed to have an event free nine months and I only pray that the finale will be just as event free.

I’ve been asked if I’m nervous or if I worry about the birthing process or having a child for the first time. My response is simple: I know that Melba and Ellie-Jane are in great hands with the Father. I know that God has given humanity the capability to do wonderful things.

We have a wonderful doctor and today she said we should be prepared for a c-section. Our response was simple — we embrace modern medicine and have confidence that she will ensure the health of our precious gift.

If one thing I’m learning as I grow older is patience. This whole process has given me more patience than I ever thought I would have.

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