Little Steps

MoonUSFlag Every now and then thoughts intersect in my mind and this world seems a little better place to live.

I came across this article on the Motor Authority web site where they report that by 2020 Toyota believes they will have hybrid energy technology in every car they manufacture. Not very long ago I wrote here and here where we could transform our society simply by taking incremental steps towards hybrid, bio and alternative fuels for cars.

You see, just like in the movie Contact where the first contact alien representative told Dr. Arroway that “…progress is done in little steps and it’s been done that way for billions of years”, we indeed live in an incremental universe where things change slowly.

For us mere mortals, with our limited vision and perception it seems as though we are moving at light speed. But the reality is that even in our own little cosmos we, as a human race, move at a snails pace.

For each individual, a hundred years is a long time. But this time is just a blip on the universal watch. We can, if we all want, make great changes in our lives in twenty years.

All we need is vision and action to come together at the right time and right place.

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