The Name Change Game

In business and politics there is a game people play. I like to call it the “Name Change Game.” This game is where players come up with some great product, idea or policy and it fails miserably.

In order to “Win” the players have to keep their product, idea or policy in play and have the dumb public continue to accept/purchase the product, idea or policy. So when their pet product, idea or policy is failing miserably they change the name to something else that is more polite so they can mask the failure.

Just an example of this strategy is with DRM (Digital Rights Management). This is a product for consumer media that manages how that media can be played, copied and owned. Adoption of DRM for music and video hasn’t gone so well over the past year. It has failed so miserably that Steve Job recently proposed doing away with it on iTunes.

Ah, but the mighty media companies don’t want none of that game. Wired on line has an article where HBO’s Chief “Petty” Officer, Bob Zitter, said we should change the name from DRM to DCE. DCE is the great new marketing slogan of Digital Consumer Enablement.

“Wow! Oh golly-gee Beaver, now that I have Digital Consumer Enablement on my iTunes music I feel so much better cause I’m enabled. That nasty DRM was so yesterday!”

Yeap, you can fool some of the people all of the time and most of the people some of the time. Now you know how to win the stupid Name Change” game!


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