Sometimes People Just Want To Complain

Got Milk?

Got Vista?

You know, I really hate to say it, but there are people in this world who just want to moan and groan about something because something in their mind isn’t so right. So when it comes to Microsoft and Windows they think, “Hey, I hate Microsoft and that pompous gazillionaire Bill Gates. Vista, come on… it really sucks! Haven’t you seen it yet? It can’t even burn CD’s properly. I’m going to stick it to Microsoft and that gazillionaire by installing and using Ubuntu — come on and share my misery! At least we will be free!”

Ok, so I’m a little tired of all the Microsoft bashing. Although Microsoft does deserve some of the basing for past transgressions. The reality is that it’s just a DAMN software company people. They don’t rule the world or control the fate of civilization as some people believe.

I haven’t upgraded to Vista yet because I don’t need to. Every computing function and software package that I own runs fine on Windows XP. My only fear is that I don’t have mirroring for my OS partition and if that drive dies I’ll have to rebuild and reinstall all my applications. All my data is protected and backed up on multiple drives thank you.

My advice to friends and family? Upgrade only if you have a particular need to upgrade. You know, only if a piece of software or hardware is only supported under Vista. Otherwise, get all the love you can from XP while it is still around. You see, XP is a mature software being. It is comfortable, we understand it, we get it and we can use it. But like any good child that grows up, one day Windows XP will be gone and you’ll hear us reminence “I remember the day when a Windows Operating System ran on 64MB of memory…” Hey, I remember when Windows 3.x ran on a 386 with 2MB of memory!

Vista is like a new born. It has new features and as well new issues to deal with. It looks a little different and it acts a little different. I’m sure in time, like all good children, we will learn to love VISTA as we do XP.

I’m just putting that adoption off until I really have to…


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