I have a problem with this… Do you?

So here is an article I found through Slashdot where an Australian citizen has been extradited to the U.S. for violation of the criminal code dealing with copyright violation.

The problem I have with this situation is that the Australian violated US LAW in Australia. His pirating activities in Australia most likely caused harm to US companies. But he never stepped foot in the US and has no ELECTED REPRESENTATION here.

I’m sure this extradition is possible due to some treaty the US and Australia signed. And sure, he had his days in court in Australia. And sure, a member of the Australian government signed his extradition papers. But he does not have the luxury of his day in court, judged by a jury of his peers — AUSTRALIANS.

So, with all these international treaties you better be sure that you don’t break a foreign nation’s law that may result in your extradition to that country.

Although I have not all the information to make a final judgment on this issue. But from what I do know I can tell you that it has a bad smell on the surface.

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