What is the Internet worth?

As I sit here trying to formulate the words to communicate my current thoughts I realize I don’t have all the words needed.

Prophetically speaking, I think there is really no limit to what the collective minds of human beings are capable of achieving. When it comes to the Internet and computing technology I GUARANTEE you that the early pioneers who started the industry, in their wildest dream, never envisioned where we would be today with technology.

I was listening to Charlie Rich on Pandora. Just twenty five years ago it would have been so difficult to find out what happened to Charlie Rich, much less to find out about his son Charlie Jr. In about five minutes I was able to hit Wikipedia, then find Charlie Jr’s blog, where I read a moving entry about the loss of his sister.

In five minutes Charlie Rich became more real to me through the words of his son. These lives became real today because of the technology that has come together over the past 35 years to create a conduit that we call the Internet.

What is the value of that?


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