Peace: A Question, A Destination or A Possibility

With music I am a lyricist — I listen to what a song actually is saying to me. While listening to my Old School Rock station on Pandora the song Wind of Change (live version) by The Scorpions played and the lead singer, Klaus Meine, asked will there ever be peace?

Is it not sad that we have to still ask “when will there ever be peace?” I started thinking more and really wonder why can’t we have peace? Oh yea, there are a lot of excuses like “limited resources” and the such. But are these excuses really worth killing human beings over? Is the world so large that we can’t find room for everyone and their thoughts and mannerisms?

Is it possible for human beings to live in Peace with each other without God making it so?

One reason I love music is that it has a way of communicating to your soul. Music finds away to spread a message around the world through the voice of a band from Germany. If we could only listen to the message and act on it.

Oh well, yet another dream of mine besides fixing Social Security and getting the US Government to spend money wisely.


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