My Ambien Drug Story…

I admit it… I don’t have great sleeping habits. I’m all over the board as to when I go to sleep. Sometimes though I need to go to be early so I can get up at 5-6am. I started using Ambien a while back to help me go to be early when I had to get to sleep so I could get a good night’s rest. Remember, I only do his every now and then.

Saturday night was such a time when I had to get up early on Sunday. I had slept in on Saturday morning and as such wasn’t so ready to go to sleep Saturday night at 9:00pm when I took the Ambien.

I went to bed around 9:30 and I dosed off a couple times but didn’t really fell asleep until around 11:30pm. The alarm went off at 4:45am and I got up. I didn’t feel quite groggy, but I didn’t feel fully awake. I call this awareness the “Ambien Fog”. You are awake and functional, but you have this pinching feeling in your head sorta like you haven’t had enough sleep.

The Ambien directions state “You have to allow eight hours of sleep when you take a dose.” And let me tell you this, pay attention to this directive.

So, me and my wife got in the truck and off we went. About mid day we were talking and I said “When did I put gas in the truck” to that she said “…are you crazy, we stopped at Quick Trip before we got on the road, don’t you remember?”

And although I fueled up and purchased some drinks and food I didn’t truly remember doing that until we went through the events minute by minute.

My brain was fogged out for a good two hours after I woke up. Although I was functional at the time and didn’t believe there were any issues, the memory loss really concerns me.

My wife said “I think it would be better to be tired the next morning than to be in a functional fog.” And I think she is totally correct.

No more Ambien for me…


I did a Google search for “Ambien issues” and found some people have really bad reactions to Ambien.

CBS News Article
New York Times Article


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