So Why Doesn’t MY M$FT Stock Price Reflect the Facts?

mscampus Ok… So I learned my lesson about buying and selling stock back in 1999 before the big bust. You know the pitched fever when we all thought we’d be gazillionairs just by buying and trading the hot Internet sector stocks… Oh the good old days.

Facts are this — I ain’t no stinking stock trader. Had I not stumbled upon AOL and doubled my money I would have lost a good $10K in about eight months. What I learned is that in life we need to stay close to our core competencies. For me, I found a trusted financial advisor and I stick to the plan.

I generally invest a portion of my pay outside of 401K into mostly mutual’s with some stocks to round out my portfolio.

My trusted advisor said “Get you some Microsoft as they are number one in their sector and should continue to be so (2003).” So I purchase about $5K’s worth at $ 27.33 per share in 2003. As of today the price is at $ 30.30 or a 10.24% increase in little over three and a half years. Looking at TechIQ’s analysis the stock should be soaring!


And the recent results for Microsoft are not un-common. They return nice profits quarter over quarter, year after year, decade after decade. No wonder Mr. Bill is so well off.

At least I have my M$FT dividends that help ease the pain!


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