What Reality Is She Living In?

I came by this article in the New York Times on line edition which reports that Rosie O’Donnell is not coming back to The View next year. Psst… like I really care.

I generally try not to be a negative person and especially try not to say bad things about people I don’t personally know. All I know of Rosie is what is reported in the News — that is until today. You see Rosie has a blog. So I took a few minutes and read through the blog and realized that ROSIE IS BORING. Some of here opinions are just out there. I realized that I’m not living in the same reality that she lives in.

Over the past ten to fifteen years I question what reality a lot of Americans are living in. But I try to stay a little neutral as I may be the one in the wrong reality Foot in mouth.

Anyway, as far as Rosie is concerned, I think she is boring and I think as her fame fades she will continue to say things that are just out there. The other thing that bothers me about Rosie is that she doesn’t have her comments enabled on her blog. But as I wrote earlier if I were so popular I’d probably not have mine on for all the spam.


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