There are no MAGIC BULLETS for Health and Wellness

I know I am about 40-50 pounds over weight. Although I carry the extra weight decently and don’t look like a total fat boy, I know that most of my weight is in my mid-section. I have a decent exercising schedule, but my real weakness is portion control. I admit it – I LOVE TO EAT!

I just can’t control very well how much I eat at each meal.

Now that I recently turned 40 I realized even more how important it is to control myself and to get this extra weight off my back and shoulders. As I have aged I’ve realized that loosing weight and keeping weight off is a harder task. More importantly, I realized that there is no MAGIC BULLET to loosing weight. As a great song writer so rightly put it “There’s no pill going to cure my ill.”

I came across this New York times article about weight loss hoopla and hype. It does a great job of discussing the problem with the quick weight loss mentality.

I have found that the best way to loose weight is:

  1. Control the quality of food that you eat.
  2. Control how much food you eat at each meal.
  3. Exercise an hour a day, four days a week. These work-outs don’t have to be high impact nor cardiovascular in nature. Get your heart rate to about 65% of your maximum heart-rate and keep it there for at least forty minutes.
  4. Eat several small meals each day.
  5. Find a friend who will get on a program with you.
  6. If you are severely obese, see a doctor first and get professional help in mapping out a weight-loss strategy.
  7. Keep a journal of your progress.
  8. Periodically review your goals. Set new goals when you achieve a goal. Set realistic goals for yourself — a pound a week for 50 weeks equals 50 pounds.
  9. Reward yourself as you achieve your goals.
  10. Remind yourself that it didn’t take a day to gain all that weight and it is going to take a while to re-mold yourself and loose the weight.

So, remember that the human body works to store energy. YOU HAVE TO CONTROL this automatic feature so that you don’t store excess energy as fat, but instead burn stored energy.

Eat right, exercise, burn more calories than you take in and I guarantee you will have positive results in loosing weight.


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