The Radical Islamic Alternative Ain’t So Great…

iranislamic OMG! (OH MY GOD for you old farts no up to date on the Internet slang!)

If you ever thought that the rule of law in the United States can be messed up, well… as they say “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” As the rule of law in Iran is simply WRONG. In fact it is DEAD WRONG.

I came across this article in the New York Times where murder convictions of six members of the “Basiji Force” were overturned by the Iranian Supreme Court.

Apparently, in Iran if you “morally corrupt” you can be killed by anyone if they can prove you were indeed morally corrupt.

You want an example of what is considered morally corrupt? You and your fiancee take a innocent walk together in public. Oh yea, and “… if the killer identified the victim mistakenly as corrupt. In that case, the law requires “blood money” to be paid to the family. Every year in Iran, a senior cleric determines the amount of blood money required in such cases. This year it is $40,000 if the victim is a Muslim man, and half that for a Muslim woman or a non-Muslim.”

Oh yea, Iran’s current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a member of the Basiji Force. So this gives you a little insight into his mind set and what he has in store for the infidels. And do we want this mind-set to have a nuclear capability?

There are just no words for this… I just can’t believe that a society can function with these values. How can human beings live under this kind of yoke?

The greater question is do we sit idle and allow this to continue? What is our responsibility to our fellow humans? And do they really want to be freed from this yoke?


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