Why Can’t Business Be Less "Business" and More Personal

So Google has this big reputation in the IT business for being a really cool place to work (click here for a list of benefits).

One thing I find even more appealing is that at Google they find ways to have fun like posting an April fools joke on the Internet. In all my jobs, except at Six Flags when I was a kid, there is always a sense of formality and seriousness. You see, business is serious stuff all the time or so we have been led to believe.

One of my biggest pet peeves is that business is almost entirely about PEOPLE but executives don’t seem to understand that fact. No matter what job you are doing at some point in the cycle people are affected by what you do and how you do it.

As such why can’t we have the serious time that is needed and then have the fun times that is needed as well? Human beings need to relax even at work and enjoy their job. I hope that Google doesn’t run out of money and doesn’t eventually give in to the “make a profit” at all costs mentality. You know what I’m talking about where a business does great for many years and then starts cutting employee benefits little by little because the executives can’t figure out a way to keep the revenues and stock prices up.

You see, we need more “Google’s” out there so that we can at least dream that one day our job will have such benefits. 



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