Bose – I’m a customer for life!

boseqc3 So as I wrote here back in 2005 I purchased a Bose, Quitecomfort 2 Headphone Set from my mom that she purchased new from Bose.

Well, somehow the headset became damaged. The damage was pretty severe and I’m not sure how it happened. This really bummed me out as I knew I had to pay and deal with customer service to get these fixed. And as we know most customer service organizations really suck eggs. Knowing that there was a Bose Kiosk at Seattle International Airport I took them with me on my recent trip hoping I’d get better customer service from a real live person.

After showing the representative the damage he said “Well, it is out of warranty, but I’m pretty good at fixing these kind of problems.” So he pulled out a new box with a new headset and proceeded to unpack it. Since he just returned from lunch I though he might be finishing his setup of the Kiosk.

I asked him how much he thought it would cost me and he handed me the new set and said “nothing!” He wouldn’t even accept a tip or anything. Now that is customer service at its best!

Now, I don’t know Bose’s return policy or what they tell their representatives to do in situations like this. But I can guarantee that when I go to purchase audio equipment in the future I will look to purchase a Bose product first. They have just gotten a customer for life!

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