Yet Another VOiP Service – GrandCentral.Com

grandcentral A New York Times article put me onto a new VoIP service from GrandCentral.Com. I signed up and have started using it. So far from my testing it works decently well. I like the features and I like the concept. I’ll get a few friends to test it out with me. If you are one of my friends then let me know if you sign up and we’ll test it together.


  • The service is a “call forwarding” VoIP service. You sign up for a free phone number. You then tell GrandCentral your other phone numbers (work, home, cell) and you give your contacts the one GrandCentral phone number. They call the GrandCentral number and GrandCentral calls all of your numbers at the same time to find you. And I mean it calls all of your specified numbers at the same time. When you pick up, say your cell the other phones stop ringing.
  • The service has a great interactive voice mail feature.
  • The service has a email feature that forwards missed calls and voice mail notifications to your email of choice.
  • The service has a great caller ID feature.

Anyway, try it out. So far the service is free so what really do you have to loose? My GrandCentral.Com phone number is (404) 254-6870 so give me a ring sometime!

Update: May 2009
Grand Central has been bought by Google and re-launched as Google Voice – you can sign up for this service at

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One response to “Yet Another VOiP Service – GrandCentral.Com

  1. Herschel,

    Are you looking to swap your grandcentral number for a local one in Louisiana? I have a virgin grandcentral invite that will allow you to select your location (yes, Lake Charles is available).

    The reason I ask is that I live in Atlanta, but there are no 404, 678, or 770 numbers still available.

    Please let me know if you are interested.


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