Democracy and The Republic – Sometimes a Reminder is Needed

Every now and then my animated personality goes over board and I have to check myself. A news story will come on the TV and off I go, ranting and raving about the stupidity of the power struggle between this politician and that politician, this party and that party.

Then I open my trusty Internet Explorer 7.0 RSS reader and read an article from The New York Times where they report on conflict in Pakistan. You see “a political and legal maelstrom has erupted after Pakistan’s president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, unceremoniously suspended the country’s chief justice last week, in a step that lawyers and rights activists have called an assault on the independence of the judiciary.”

This reminds me that although our American system of governing may not be perfect, we have so much to be proud of. Although we may be more public about our political fights than in the past, at least so far those fights remain in the arena of words.

I hope Pakistan works through this crisis without bloodshed.

And I hope this serves as a reminder to Americans that we could be a lot worse off.



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