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lucasmccain As I’ve written previously here I’ve been working with Lucas McCain, an Atlanta band, for the last three years or so. Since I’ve been doing my time with the band I’ve really come to appreciate the difficulty of trying to become successful in the music business.

Like many of my aged peers over the past 10 years I’ve purchased less and less music. It seems that as teenagers we don’t understand our parent’s music and our parents don’t understand ours. I chuckle now remembering my dad telling me “You call that music?”

daughtery Well… music does change over the years because there are new artists who have new ideas. Unfortunately, the majority of music is traditionally purchased by consumers under twenty-five. So the music business is squarely centered around catering to the young consumers and therefore the new stuff gets more and more distant to the older generations. It seems that for the old farts like myself we don’t find the new stuff “good enough” and spend our disposable income on things like GOLF! 🙂

taylor But since I have a vested interest in the music business I decided that I would stand up and support music that I enjoy. I know first hand how hard it is to struggle trying to sell a CD.

Last year I started watching American Idol and really enjoyed Chris Daughtery and the eventual winner Taylor Hicks. So I decided to go out and pick up both of their CDs. While browsing toadcoverAmazon I came across a real oldie for me in the band Toad the Wet Sprocket. I picked up their greatest hits CD.

All four CDs are filled with really enjoyable music. I encourage each of you to support  the artists you enjoy because they are spending a lot of time and effort to bring you a product that you can enjoy for the rest of your life!

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