Zap Car – It Can Happen

ZapCar I’m telling you this again! I wrote a blog entry about changing our car technology with Hybrids. Popular Science dot Com has an article about ZAP (Zero Air Pollution), which distributes very useful electronic cars.

I’m telling you again that we have the technology to bring about a great change in the way we motor our enormous rearourouses around our cities and country sides. We can solve a lot of political strife if we just get over our love of oil.

The dark slithering energy that consumes our day
From where did you come from this day
Your time is limited and you will go away
If we only have the guts to pay
To pay for a better way!

Well… I never claimed to be a real poet and I don’t even play one on T.V. Oh and again, just for the record. I AM NOT A TREE HUGGER. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


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