The Politics of Fighting

When it comes to fighting I think there are basically three kinds of people: 1) those who fight just because they like to fight 2) those who fight because they have to fight 3) those who will never fight.

I don’t like fighting. I guess I had enough of fighting when I was a kid. I was not the best kid on the block and I didn’t mind fighting when the opportunity arose. But one day I learned that when you fight sometimes you can’t take back the ramifications of your actions. And from that day on the desire to settle differences with my fist left my being and I turned to my oratory skills to deal with conflict.

Now I’m sure most everyone has an opinion about what the US should be or not be doing with/in Iraq. Some say we are bullies and should leave. Some say we should have never went there. Some say it is all for money. Some say this and some say that. To be honest, I generally believe that we were justified in doing what we’ve done. Now some argue that the whole pretense for going to war was a bunch of lies. All I know is that before we went there we were attacked, Saddam refused to be a part of the civilized world and he did not provide us the assurances that he would work with the civilized world to ensure terrorists did not come from his land. Our President and ninety nine percent of our senators thought, given the information they had, that the US should deal with Iraq as we did.

Now today what you have is the political fall out of the three types of fighters trying to deal with the aftermath of our decision to fight Saddam. There are those that just want to fight, those that fought and continue to fight because they feel they had to and those that never wanted to fight and don’t want to finish the fight now that we are in it.

OK, I can accept the Politics of Fighting. But what everyone needs to decide is what should we do to finish what we started. To make an informed decision we need non-biased information. And that is one of the hardest things to find in today’s politically charged atmosphere. Who can you trust to tell the truth. With the three types of fighters out there trying to rally the troops to their reality, I find it increasingly harder to discern the real reality of Iraq.

I found this video that helps shed a little light of truth. But it still doesn’t tell me everything we need to know to make the right decisions. I can only pray that the right decisions are being being made. I pray more so that the people of Iraq will come through this time of war to finally see peace when all the dust settles over there. I can only pray that God will give our leaders the wisdom to do what WE hired them to do — make the right decisions and protect us and make this world a better place to live.


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