The Genetic Code Drives P2P and Piracy

I’m sorry… I had actually started writing a blog entry about the future of entertainment in twenty years or so. I was going to draw on history and try to discuss how much of a problem we have with people stealing other people’s intellectual property (illegal downloading of software, songs, movies, ebooks and the sort).

But after discussing the issue with a friend I realized that the problem is so basic that there is really not a solution. The problem is in-grained in every human being alive I imagine.

Human beings are consumers and as such human beings are always looking for products to consume. To survive, the human being’s genetic code drives them to consume products at the lowest cost, but with the best quality. The imposition of moral code is not a product of the individual, but of the collective. As such, each individual consumer fights the external moral code that regulates the lowest price consumption directive of their genetic code.

Translation: In general, we all want “things” for free. We will forage for these products and sometimes we will violate the law to consume products for free.

Ahh… but the interesting question is really this: the genetic code we all have is there to direct us to acquire shelter and sustenance for survival, not entertainment. For humans really don’t need “entertainment” to survive do we?

Or have we evolved to where the “needs of the soul and mind” are just as important as the needs of the stomach?


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