Ahh… Free is Good

Just the other night I went to the local Kroger and purchased some Spanish Clementines. Well… while checking out the scanner tried to charge me $7.99 for the box, however, I knew better. The posted price was $5.99 so I complained to the cashier and upon verification he said “yeap, you are right.” Since Kroger has a little publicized “Scan Guarantee”, where if you find a product that doesn’t scan as posted, Kroger gives you the first item free. So I asked for the scan guarantee and got the item for free.

keyboardSo pay attention to the scans so you don’t get ripped off and ask for a guarantee as most grocery stores have this kind of policy.

And if you are in need of royalty free photographs for your web site, brochure, video or anything for the most part, you can find them here at the stock.xchng. It is great to find a resource such as this. FREE IS GOOD!


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