Wanna Go To Space?

So if you have an imagination and can write well you may have a shot at being the fifth space tourist. Go here and write your masterpiece – good luck!

jgutenbergHere’s my essay on the subject…

Could you imagine a world without information? Can you imagine living in a black, hollowed hole void of knowledge? Well, before a man named Johannes Gutenberg invented the first movable type printing press in 1436 the availability of information and knowledge was limited to a select few in the world.

Prior to Gutenberg’s invention, books were primarily hand copied by members of religious orders. Obviously this method restricted the ownership of books to people of wealth and influence. As you may imagine, this restriction limited the dissemination of knowledge to the masses.

I believe that without knowledge being easily recorded and duplicated for even the poorest to have, we would not have the world in which we live today. For inexpensive access to knowledge, history and wisdom contained in the books made viable by a goldsmith from the small town of Mainz, Germany changed our world.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and that the Internet is the greatest communication invention ever created. However, none of these inventions would have been possible had their creators not had access to inexpensive books filled with the knowledge of their ancestors.

Without doubt, this method of printing is credited with fostering advances in the sciences, arts and religion and for that the Gutenberg press is the greatest invention ever conceived.

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