The "Fatosphere" – Oh Come On…

So, at times I get so tired of some of the crazy noise that exists on the Internet. I mean, in 1994 when I first started getting around the Internet it was mainly a bunch of nerds, either Scientific or IT based.

Now there’s the “Fatosphere” – a word given to the blogs written by fat people for fat people. It’s a support type of environment where fat people support each other and openly defy the negative attitudes towards fat people. Some of these self proclaimed Fat Bloggers actually go so far as to say that being fat isn’t a real problem and people should just get over it.

In this NY Times online article it goes into the whole thing.

I really have to resist the desire to really be insensitive and really spout out my thoughts. Let me suffice it to say that being FAT is in no way healthy or desirous. People die each and every day from being Fat. Every health study ever done on the effects of obesity have proven that Fat people die earlier than their counterparts – FAT KILLS!

Now don’t get me wrong here – I don’t think anyone should be discriminated against for being fat. But I do think that being Fat should not be celebrated.

You see, I have a weight problem. I wouldn’t consider myself Fat, but I do consider myself a “little” fat in the belly. I need to loose a good seventy five pounds to get to a healthy weight. I understand how hard it is to loose weight, especially when a person enjoys FOOD like I do.

But I don’t make excuses nor do I try to feel better about my situation by trying to justify a plainly stupid, ignorant, selfish position that it is ok to be Fat. Now I’m not talking about a “little” Fat here. Generally speaking, I find that morbidly obese people tend to be the loudest criers when it comes to saying they can’t do anything about their situation. I call bullshit. I think that if a person is living a life style that is proven to prematurely kill them, they have the power to make changes to help themselves.

Supporting each other is fine. Helping each other fight the battle of the bulge is fine. But let me tell you, in no way should we ever tell each other it is ok to be obese. Would you give an alcoholic another case of Whisky? Would you give a crack addict ten more vials of crack? No, so you shouldn’t tell an obese person it’s “ok to have another dozen of their favorite donuts or ten gallons of ice cream.”

Think about it ok? If you are obese I only suggest that you search for professional help in getting your weight under control for if you don’t, the odds will eventually catch up with you.



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2 responses to “The "Fatosphere" – Oh Come On…

  1. Why are you so concerned? If all fat people are gonna die because of teh fatz, well the fatosphere wont last very long then will it?

  2. Well… I didn’t say “all fat people are gonna die because of teh fatz.”

    I said being obese is not good for you. And I said I didn’t think we should encourage people to feel good about being obese. And I think I said that we shouldn’t also make people feel like crap if they are obese. And I think I said that if you are obese you should try to work on it.

    And to answer your question, I am concerned because I like people and I want people to have wonderful, happy, long, and healthy lives.

    Yes, I know you can have a wonderful and happy life while being obese. But, the statistics and health studies have proven beyond the shadow of any doubt that maintaining an obese lifestyle will most likely result in a shorten and non-healthy life as compared to non-obese human beings.

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