Wozniak – I like him!

In this day of what seems like disposable employees I find it refreshing that there are people out there who get it. For some reason, there seems to be a class of executives who do nothing but worry about the quarter to quarter performance of the company. For these types of executives, one of their favorite techniques for increasing the stock price is to cut jobs.

Now, I’m not out here saying companies should never cut jobs. I really think that most of these companies never really have great hiring practices in the first place. They tend to hire because they have so much work, but they never do work optimization reviews and eventually they become bloated with employees who claim 40 hours of work a week, but effectively do only about 20 hours of productive work a week.

IN my humble, honest opinion, I believe that the single greatest asset any company ever has is the employees. Great employees create great products and services and create great companies in return.

Recently I watched Robert Scoble interview Steve Wozniak and am impressed with Wozniak’s opinions and his stories. He said in the early days at Apple he wanted to stay an engineer and not be a manager because he did not ever want to fire anyone as managers sometimes do. He said “I don’t want to take away the most important thing in their lives — their job.”

Thank goodness, someone gets it!

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