Pandora is not perfect

So I started using Pandora around May of this year and wrote about it here. Then I found a  desktop’d version of the Pandora and wrote about that here.

Pandoranick I really do like Pandora. I’ve been able to add a widget on my blog where it displays “my favorite” songs as I select them in Pandora, which is cool.

However, Pandora isn’t perfect. As it tries to add more music you like, sometimes it gets lost. For instance, today on my Kick’n Country Radio station Pandora played Nick Latchey’s Outside Looking In song. Well, it didn’t have any resemblance to modern country and so I flagged it down.

So, Pandora isn’t perfect. I think that the attributes some human placed in the database of Nick’s music made it a candidate for my station. However, there is a difference in the sound attributes of Pop Country Music versus Pop Music.

The bottom line, it ain’t country music unless it has at least a fiddle, steel guitar or slide guitar featured somewhere during the song.


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