Is there "Media Bias" in reporting

Are you kidding me? You could stage an event where you ask five reporters to attend and report on the event. When their reports come out you will get five distinct versions. You see, each human sees an event so differently than any other human being.

All humans have “bias” when looking at events. And when it comes to politics this bias really kicks in heavily.

When it comes to the American media outlets, the Republican party charges that the media is liberally biased. That the media promotes the liberal agenda, reports highly charged political events in a slanted manner to try to make the Republican position come across as negative and detrimental to the American way of life.

You know, I try to be open minded. I tell myself “don’t give in to the generalities.” But I’m going to be honest here, I see a lot of bias in the media against conservatives. There are so many examples.

But what really bothers me is that I know I’m biased at my age. I know that I have a lot of past experiences and knowledge that I automatically judge news events with some kind of slant. There is just no way of re-programming myself. But you know, that’s not a bad thing. In life we need to acquire a baseline of knowledge and experience so we can make judgments.

But for reporters? Unfortunately, they need to be non-judge mental in what they do. They need to be more like a kid learning than an adult with pre-conceived ideas. It is a shame that from what I can see many reporters in the media seem to insert themselves into the story and make the story ring true of what they already believe to be true. For instance, Brian Wilson interviewed retired general Barry McCaffrey about the “poor state of affairs in Iraq” that Wilson was attempting to report.

I understand that it is bad in Iraq. I read other news sources and understand that it is no “Vegas Vacation” there for the Iraqi people or American solders stationed there. However, I do have a problem when NBC uses McCaffrey as an “expert analyst” who makes the statement “It doesn’t come to any surprise to me. I keep reminding people twenty three thousand of our troops have been killed or wounded in this struggle so far… this is a real war.”

I’ve posted the video for you to listen to in which they are discussing the “how bad it is getting” in Iraq.

What bothers me about this exchange is that McCaffrey choose to say “23,000 killed or wounded,” which is technically correct. But I guarantee you the average American viewer would react to the “killed” part as being the focus of the statement. When in reality on around 2700 solders have died so far, which is a far cry from negative impact that “23,000 killed or wounded” makes. Yes, any American death is negative. But the point of this is not the validity of the war, but the bias in reporting facts of the war.

But I think the real problem is even more depressing. I’m beginning to think that a majority of Americans are so busy living their lives that they want someone to “THINK” for them. They want a reporter or politician to tell them what the information in the story means. Just like they want McDonald’s to provide them with a fast solution to dinner, they want to digest what’s going on in the world via the thirty minute NBC Evening News With Brian Wilson news cast. I really think American’s don’t understand that another cost of freedom is being informed and capable of using the information to make good decisions.

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