Smokes, Now That’s a Camera

seitzcamer02 So I’m into photography and came across an article on a new digital, large format camera due out for 2007. Yea, during my reading I quickly went by the statement “20 inches long.” I guess I was paying more attention to the 160 million pixel resolution statement. Yea, that’s right. This camera does panoramic pictures at 160 million pixes or about 32 times better resolution than the current consumer grade digital picture.

seitzcamer01 Anyway, while looking at the product page on the Seitz site, it only took about a minute to really get the size of this camera. The first picture on the right shows just the camera. You can’t really get the true size with this picture. Then the second picture on the right gives you real life feel for the size of the camera. Damn! It takes two hands to actually hold this puppy.

And the price is a merely $ 36,000 bucks. I guess it will be five to seven years for that technology to trickle down to my funds availability level.

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