Some Californian Politicians Are Either Stupid or Just Evil

californiadaffy As I’ve aged, abet un-gracefully, I try to hard not to jump to quick conclusions. But sometimes you read the most insipid, asinine news and just shake your head in disgust.

From Reuters, September 20th 2006: “California sues car makers over global warming.” Either the politicians behind this action really believe that OUR U.S. car makers are in part responsible for global warming or the politicians are simply evil and are intentionally wasting resources to make a big stink so they look like great friends to the environment.

You see, why would a politician knowingly bring a suite that has no real chance of winning? And if the suite does win, who really looses? The answer as always is the tax payers/consumers.

Next thing I’ll see is California suing the Federal Government. In fact this seems more plausible for is it not the responsibility of the Federal Government, via the Environmental Protection Agency, to police the country’s businesses in matters relating to environmental emissions and standards?

But, like always, stupidity doesn’t think! Since the costs associated with this lawsuit are picked up by the tax payers the politicians have nothing to really loose. The only people loosing anything here is the citizens of the state of Californ-i-a. They are fitting the bill for this fiasco and the reputation of California is again being slandered as a “state of environmental wackos.”

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