Send a letter to the future

So I found this site called Fuureme.Org where you can send yourself an email to the future, up and until 2036. That’s a neat concept. I just hope the future me doesn’t barf when he reads my email.

Here’s my email to my future me — I’ll be 69 when this email is scheduled to be delivered. Oh yea, this brings back a memory of Back To The Future II. Oh damn. I just realized that when I hit the send button that my email might be instantaneously delivered in the future (providing that both email providers are around). Wow, that just blew my mind right out of the water.

Dear FutureMe,
If this happens to make it to you in 2036, which is highly un-likely, I hope you have attained your hopes and dreams, cause you are old by the time you read this.

You remember being about 16 and thinking about 2036-37? It seemed so far out there at the time. Now, in 2006, 16 seems like a long time ago and 2036 doesn’t seem that far away.

But, that’s this gig we call life, huh? You know, if you haven’t done all that you wanted to do my only suggestion for you is to GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS and do something. If anyone knows you, it would be me. And don’t give me the “my hip is gone and my knees are wasted.” I’m sure there’s treatment and if that’s not the case, I’m sure they still have wheel chairs to roll around in!

Now, here’s a good trick for you to figure out. If you can send me back some advice from there I’d appreciate it and you know what six things I’m talking about here.

You old fart, my email is Herschel.Horton at in this time/space.

Oh yea, you know I’ve always said I’d become the typical, crabby, old fart type. Well, screw that! If you are that way, get over it and whatever made you that way and be a humorous, life-loving, people person. Give the younger generation a piece of your mind every damn minute you get the chance. This world needs as much wisdom and humor as it can find and I’m sure it will need it as well in the future.

Last thing, if the aliens happen to come, I hope they are friendly!

Keep the faith!

Your Younger ME!

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