Atlantis Crew Reports Unidentified Object

spaceshuttle Wow… “Houston, I’m not kidding about this.” As I tuned into the NASA Internet Channel I heard the voice one of Atlantis’s crew members telling Houston that they have sighted an unidentified object “moving away” from the shuttle. They also reported that they have pictures of the object. The sighting occurred during the current STS-115 mission at around 01:45 central time. I did some quick searches and found this Fox News report.

For just a few minutes until I got confirmation and knew what the object looked like and more information of what they thought the object might be, I thought “This could be the first contact day!”

Damn Science Fiction for putting that in my head! But one day, the world will change. Maybe not in my lifetime, but one day it will change when beings from out there come here.


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