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So, as we moved forward into the future so many new technologies emerge. Sometimes, just as quickly as a technology emerges, it dies the death of silence. But this post is not about the death of technology, but the finding of something new!

For the past couple of years I’ve been keeping track of video on the Internet. From the end-user perspective, the Internet is “getting faster.” I chuckle a little bit there because I know that statement is too simplistic. But since I try to keep my blog technical-jargon-neutral, I want to be able to communicate in a way the average person will understand.


So, with the average user’s connection to the Internet getting faster and faster all the time, Video downloading and streaming is becoming more and more popular. The big media companies are moving more and more to video on demand and so one day, you’ll be able to really watch what you want when you want to. For instance

I recently came across an Internet Video Player (IVP) that does a great job of simplifying finding and playing Internet video channels, which is the next cool Internet based technology (ABC announced that it would be streaming much of their new fall schedule onto the Internet).

Some people want to call this Internet T.V. I’m sorry, but I can’t go that far because it has nothing to do with television signals. It is simply a way to broadcast video to people via a high speed Internet connection.

You can download the player by going to It doesn’t take a lot of technical skills to get this installed and to start surfing the Internet for a bunch of new on-demand video.

Another cool thing is that if you have time and technical skills you can setup your own Internet Video Channel (IVC) and start broadcasting to the world!


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