Remembering Nine-Eleven

I remember exactly where I was when the first shuttle blew up. I remember thinking “this is a joke, this can’t be happening.”

For some reason my mind clearly thought that America wouldn’t build a space craft that could blow up.

I didn’t feel that way again until September 11, 2001. I can remember listening to the morning news as I readied to leave for work and hearing the story of what they initially thought was a “small general aviation airplane” running into one of the twin towers. I thought “man, that’s really weird, I wonder if it is cloudy in NY today.” So I turned on the television and then quickly realized that the huge hole was not the making of a general aviation airplane. And then all the sudden the second airplane at 9:06 hit showing me that America was being attacked.

When something of this magnitude happens your mind really can’t grasp the reality of what is happening. I think it takes months for your mind to really digest all that happened in those few minutes.

It just seems like yesterday. I’ve never forgotten the images of that day and I hope that I will never forget! We can never forget what happened to our country that day.

I came by a great documentary on the Internet today. So much of reporting now on 9/11 is so politicized. But it is refreshing to see the tragedy from another perspective.

There is a great website with a lot of independent video and stories from 9/11. Cameraplanet.Com has compiled a lot of material.


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