Yes, open standards work

Sometimes I really forget how far we’ve come with the Internet and open standards in such a short time. On my blog I try to keep the technical jargon to a minimum so my non-techie friends can understand what in the hell I’m talking about.

Open Standards are “publicly available specifications that provide a common method of achieving a particular goal. HTML and CSS are open standards, and the popularity of these illustrates the importance of open standards and how they encourage interoperation between hardware and software platforms.

You see, up until the Internet really took off, most of the computer applications purchased were very monolithic in design and couldn’t really interact with other applications.

But over the past few years “open standard” based applications have really took off. Even big software companies like Microsoft realized that to add value to its own smorgasbord of applications they had to open them up so third party developers could build “accessories”, which in turn would create a greater demand for their base applications and server products. Sort of like GM building a base car and publishing the specifications so XM could build a satellite radio that would integrate easily into the car.

Over the past month I’ve installed and started using some great software for blogging – MoveableType and Windows Live Writer. With Windows Live Writer you can edit your blog locally in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and then publish it to several different supported blogging services. You don’t need to know diddly squat about HTML or programming or anything. It is as close to using a traditional word processor as you can get. (I know , technically it is a word processor)

So, if you haven’t started your blog yet, get going. If you need help in learning how to start a blog, just send me an email or call my cell phone. I’d love to help anyone get going.


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