Grandma needs technical support

“Dumb” Computer User (DCU): Man, I’ve got my machine really messed up now. Hey, I know, I’ll call my cousin Joe who is an expert and he can fix it.
And the phone rings at Cousin Joe’s house…
Cousin Joe: “Yea, DCU, well, you click this button, say yes, click next, wait for a reset and set this option and restart the program.”
DCU: “And where is the mouse!”

ultravnc Well… I may have taken the example a little too far here. But, a lot of my friends are very technical and I know their friends and family call them a lot to ask how to fix something or how to do something on the computer. And if you’ve every been asked to explain how to work the computer over the phone to a very bad computer user, then you know you really need an easy way to remote view their screen.
Well, now you have another tool at your disposal with UltraVNC SC (Single Click)

This site allows you to customize a small .exe that you then either send or post on a web site where the distressed person needing help can then run the application and in 10 seconds or less you can be remote viewing their screen. It is easier than having to tell them to turn on Remote Desktop or having them send you a Remote Assistance request.

Now if you are not that technical please disregard this whole posting and ask someone who is technical to read it and tell you what it means! 🙂


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