When will we learn

I work for a new, old, telecommunications company. I generally don’t write in my BLOG about my company except in very general terms since I really don’t know what the blogging policy of my company is and I really rather discuss other things than company politics or such.

Over the past ten years of my career here there have been many changes. Our long distance company got purchased by a small Mississippi based communications company that eventually went bankrupt in what was at the time a result of the largest corporate scandal in US history. As I look back through time I can appreciate where we started and where the remaining employees have ended up. We ended up being purchased by Verizon.

A piece of MCI has survived within the remaining employees and these spirits will join with many spirits of the combined companies of Verizon to continue and build a world-class communications company.

I started thinking about our past because I see in the news today that the Hewlett Packard board of directors are in engulfed in a management controversy. Although I’m not adding any real meat in that discussion, what I find disturbing is that people don’t really learn the lessons of past mistakes. Well, to be fair, I guess we, as a whole human unit do actually learn lessons. But it seems as if it takes so much time for the lessons to really be learned.

Why can’t executives and company directors run public businesses…

  1. With integrity?
  2. With respect to shareholder’s long term interest in mind.
  3. With respect to the employees.
  4. With the understanding that corporations are a symbiotic relationship of humanity, products and services. If there were no humans there would be no services or products.
  5. With the understanding that they are stewards of other’s money, time and resources. That the appropriate utilization of these devices is not trivial and the ramifications for poor management and failure has consequences for real humans beings who don’t get million dollar parachute exit packages.

There are the right ways of doing things and the wrong ways of doing things in every aspect of life. I realize that there are so many great executives out there running businesses the right way. I just wish we would have less of the wrong way of doing things being done out there. My heart and good wishes go out to the employees of HP during this time!

HP Story at Newsweek.Com: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14687677/site/newsweek/
Google News Links: Click Here


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