How much is a Scoble link worth?

Wow, I’ve been away on vacation and just got back to the grind – work grind that is. Early in the month I wrote a blog entry called Where’s Scoble and Robert found the entry and linked to me from his blog.

For those of you in the know, you know that a link from Robert is a GOOD THING! What I never would have known is how much traffic a Scoble link will actually get you.

Yea, I know the information Robert linked to on my site wasn’t exactly Earth shattering news or some great new product that he usually references. Mine was a simple information reference to his mother’s house on Wikimapia.

When all the dust settled the Statcounter report showed about an 1,100 person increase in unique visitors over a period of about a week.

No bad for a quick link from Robert. So, I guess the shelf life of a link is about seven days or there about. But I have seen a increase of 50 or so returning visitors which means my content did attract about 4.5% new readers.


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