TASCAM/TEAC Customer No Service

Ok, I admit that I am no genius. I do not have all the answers to life’s important questions. And I know that at times I can complain a little too much. But I know really bad customer service when I see it. If you don’t care about the importance of customer service I suggest turning the channel NOW.

Over the past year or so I’ve been buying and building out a home studio for audio and video production. I find it of great value to be able to edit a track for the band daily as we write new material. Well, I needed a good DAW (digitial audio workstation) controller for Sonar. When you do editing there is a lot of manipulation of sound levels, pans and such and using the mouse and keyboard is, well, just not very intuitive or easy.

So TASCAM advertises on their web site a US-2400 USB DAW controller — 24 channels of tactile fader control. This is just what I need. So I found an on-line distributor, make an order and then get a call saying they are “out of stock and should have some by mid-august.” After talking to a studio buff he said he thought the unit was discontinued.


Well, you would think that I could go to TASCAM’s website and send an email to customer service to find out the status of the product? You would think. I send a nice email on th 1st of August asking 1) If the unit was indeed discontinued? 2) Does Tascam have a similar product or recommendation?

Ten days lapsed and finally I receive this brilliant customer oriented email:

From: CustSer7@Teac.Com
To: Me
Subject: Re: Product Question

Mr. Horton,
The US2400 has been discontinued. We do not have a replacement product at this time. Thank you for your interest in TASCAM products.

Here’s my thoughts:

TASCAM/TEAC, I no longer have an interest in your products. Why do you still advertise this product on your website if it is discontinued? Why doesn’t any of your distribution channel PARTNERS know that this product is discontinued? What kind of Customer Service response was that? Why does it take nine days to respond to such an easy question?

If you are in the customer service business, make sure you 1) Identify the person conducting the service; not some dumb, lame generic email address. Do us a favor and act like your company is staffed with real human beings. 2) You can at least try to find a similar product offering to direct your customer to so they don’t go to your competition and 3) You can respond to a customer’s inquiry in say two days or less.

Come on TASCAM, are you listening. It is not rocket science to figure out how to treat customers right the first time!


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