Wikimapia: A neat mapping resource

I came across a neat mapping resource. WikiMapia is a website that is the Wikipedia of the mapping world. Their goal is to describe the whole planet Earth. For instance, one of my favorite places to visit in Seattle is Pike Place Market. If you go to WikiMapia and click the WinkiMapia link in the right corner, select Search Places and enter “Pike Place Market.” You’ll be whisked away to a Satellite view of Pike’s.

Just like Wikipedia, users can add remarks and describe the map. So instead of seeing just a flat, two dimensional, pictorial representation of that geographical area, we now can add text and information to make the map come alive.

I think this is just the beginning of the virtualization of the world. Eventually, you’ll be able to be immersed into a three dimensional, interactive map with much greater media options and a cool user experience.

And then the WikiMapia developers have done a wonderful thing. They’ve made it simple to embed a small map onto other web pages. Just like the Google Video Neato Trick I wrote about a few days ago we now can easily link to better representation of places and information we enjoy.

View Larger Map

To add a map like the one on the right to any web page in 30 seconds do the following:

  1. Go to site and find a part of the map that you need.
  2. Click WikiMapia at the top right corner and choose map on your page link.
  3. Move and resize frame you see to desired view, adjust view setting if needed and copy given html code to your page or blog.


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2 responses to “Wikimapia: A neat mapping resource

  1. deepak kumar naik

    the best thing i found in winkimapia is that, where ever i stay i can have a glance of my beautiful small village when i mis it. atleast i get a inner consolance. thank u winkimapia.
    with regards

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