Follow-up on PayPerPost.Com

I made my first $ 5.00 off the Internet yesterday. I got a notification that PayPerPost.Com deposited $ 5.00 in my account for the review I did on ICall.

“Wow, $ 5.00 big dollars – just enough for a Starbucks” you say? Yea, I know, but come on. There are some A-list bloggers out ther making a lot of money. And I’m not BLOGGING for money — YET!

I think paying bloggers will become a better business in the future and the payments will increase over time. Most of the “opportunities” at PayPerPost.Com are less than $ 20.00 bucks so most of them will not appeal to me as my free time is worth a great deal more than $ 5.00 bucks.

But hey, I wanted to test out the process and I can attest that in this instance PayPerPost worked as advertised.


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