Are you number one

In the BLOGosphere, yes the Geeks have a name for it, Scoble and the BLOGGING A-Listers are discussing cross linking to other BLOGGERS. Yea, I know, sometimes even BLOGGERS just need to talk about something, even if it is goofy.

But it did get me to think. What is the search result of Herschel Horton and low and behold I’m number one on the Google search result. Big deal right? Well, yea I think it is. As the web becomes bigger and bigger, lost contacts or even people I just meet can search for me and find me right away. For example a racquetball friend wanted to see my racquetball video and all I had to say was “Google Herschel Horton.” Bam! They got right to the video.

I then decided to Google other friends that I know to see how they fare.

Marcus Hass – Number 3
Tony Nelson – No result unless you know he goes by Luken, then it comes back as Number 1
Lucas McCain – Number 1
Rory Didas – Number 1, but not due to his own web site. This is related to his business.

These are the only Net savvy friends that even show up on Google’s search results.

Is this a big deal? Na, not really. But it is a nice thing that people can find you – if you want them to!


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