So what would you do? Would you even care?

thejohn I admit that sometimes I have toooo much to say about the small things sometimes. I admit that. In March I wrote about something that ticks me off — men pissing on the toilet and not cleaning after themselves.

So, me and a co-worker find this activity down right disgusting. How damn hard is it for a man to reach down and lift the seat and then aim to the center of the bowl? For a four year old it can be a little challenging, but for a grown man with no physical issues, I would think it is easy.

But here at our office, we have at least two individuals who will not do these simple things. Through random events, we’ve been able to narrow down the culprits to two people. With one of the idiots we are about 99% sure – we just haven’t caught him red-handed coming out of the stall. For the other idiot we are 60% confident.

Now, there’s going to come a day when we catch one of them red handed. You know, when I’m walking into the stall immediately after he walks out and the piss is there all over the seat.

The question is what should I do? And really, should I even care?

I’ve spent a few minutes and so far have written up two BLOG entries in which I discuss this issue. I guess it bothers me so much because another human being can’t be considerate enough to lift the damn seat. And this person has plenty of capacity and ability to do so, yet chooses not to.

I guess my two questions go to the heart of any conflict. We have to decide what is important to us and if we are willing to confront people when we have conflicting values or opinions. Sure, in the grand scheme of life, pissing on a toilet seat is so small. But, over time, letting the little things go without remediation may eventually lead to letting the big things go without resolution as well.

To tell you the truth, if the day comes that I catch either of these two suspects red-handed, I don’t know exactly how I will deal with them. I just hope that by the time that day comes, I’ve got my action plan identified.

What would you do? Would this even bother you?


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