The Middle East

For me, my blog is therapeutic. I write for many reasons. I write to share information. I write because I want a record of my thoughts so when I get old and gray I can remember the thoughts of my inexperienced youth. And sometimes I write to think through current issues. Oh, I know that most people reading these thoughts will simply pass by them without further review. But maybe someone will read these thoughts, comment and help me better understand the world and my fellow human beings.

If you’ve been in a paper bag for the past few days you probably don’t know about the ever escalating issue in the middle east with Israel and Hizbullah. While reading an on line Newsweek article my mind couldn’t help but thinking about the condition of our species.

I think in general most human beings try to shed the thoughts of war and death. I think we take those thoughts and bury them as far down in the pit of our souls as we can. We hide these thoughts because we are scared of them. We don’t know how to deal with them so we bury them.

At some point in our lives we think about good and evil. Like the gold stars from our youth in Sunday school we place a check mark on the ledger and proclaim that we are “good.” Does anyone ever really say to themselves they are evil.

So, if we are “good human beings” then we must decide who is evil and either stay away from them or eliminate them because “good” and “evil” can not occupy the same time-space continuum. For the average human being, elimination of evil is un-achievable. To us working stiffs, we are only allowed the one vote a year to decide who decides for us. By proxy we give up our power to fight and die to other’s who must bear that heavy burden.

My sweet wife asked why someone couldn’t “stop the Israelis and Hizbullah.” How can you really stop someone, a group of people, a nation from either defending themselves as they see fit or attacking another group they see as “evil.”

For you see, to every story there are two sides. The sad thought I have this day is that humans still have to resort to killing each other to resolve their differences. 

To my sweet wife I answer “I don’t know.” With so much history of violence and death it appears that the “sins of the fathers” resonates into our lives and our children’s lives.

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