A "Phisher" almost caught this big catfish

How often do you read your email and instinctively just take it at face value? You’re in a hurry, everything looks right and there is a link with instructions to “update your account information.” Well, if you are in a hurry and you don’t pay attention you might get caught by a “Phisher” and I don’t mean the kind of guys who sit on the bridge waiting for the big cat fish to get on the line.

phisher These “Phishers” are trying to catch YOU and get you to tell them all about yourself so they can steal your identity and your money.

Today, while reading my GMAIL I got a message from “Pay Pal” and wasn’t paying to much attention to all the details. Before I knew it I logged into a website and BAM! the red lights finally went off! The “Phisher” had gotten me on his fraud line and I was fighting for my life.

Luckily, my brain finally kicked in and I quit right away. Stupid me! I had to immediately go to the real Pay Pal site and change my account password. I may have gotten off his line, but now I have to watch my Pay Pal account closely.

Don’t be stupid like me. Pay attention to notifications from companies that have your financial information. My suggestion is that if you receive an email from a company wanting you to confirm your information with them. NEVER, EVER and I MEAN NEVER click any provided link in the email. Always start a new browser and go to that company’s web site manually.

I’ve created a quick, five minute, video of how this happened to me. I didn’t write a script or anything for this. I just wanted to walk through this with you so you wouldn’t get taken by these disgusting, low life scum buckets.

Click here for the Windows Media Movie or click the picture above.


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