Another viewpoint on dieting

I’m an honest person — I HATE DIETING. I wish I had the appetite and metabolism where I wouldn’t have to diet. I wish I didn’t like eating as much as I do. But unfortunately “wishing” doesn’t make it so.

Like so many humans and being a “people” person, dinning tends to be more of a social event for me. And again, being honest, I can’t sit at a table with food in front of me and not eat. I’m just not that strong.

So, I have to adjust my social calendar for a while until I get down to my target weight. As an example, at work we have cut down from going out for lunch four or five times a week to going out once a week.

So I’ll just keep working at getting the bulge off.

The tear out on the right is from a good BLOG I found with a “Five Minute Diet Planner.” You have to keep looking for something that works for you!

Oh yea, semi-famous radio talk show personality Neil Boortz has lost forty pounds. He has stated his secret is counting calories and only eating 1400 calories per day and eating five small meals a day.


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