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folder Now I don’t really need to divulge all of my goofiness here for the world to see, do I?

Well, ok. As long as it isn’t too out there. So about 25 years ago I started to do my own laundry. Yea, my Mom was a working woman and didn’t have a lot of extra time to be perfect with house chores. When you are 14 you start to look at the pink/white shirt and say to yourself “I don’t want to be seen by the ladies in this!”

You see, my mom colored one too many shirts and socks and I decided I needed to do my own laundry. One thing I learned from working in retail was how to fold a shirt to make it square. Yes, it looks good in your shirt drawer as well. So I’ve been faithfully folding my shirts the same way for about 25 years until today. This Google video shows how to efficiently square fold your shirts.

Now go out there and show those women folks that you do indeed have laundry skills!

Now I’m no Frost when it comes to the written word. As a technologist I struggle daily to use the correct syntax when I write emails or even blog. So it is with delight that I found this ZD Net UK article on the ten flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid.

And finally, not laundry or grammar related, but just as important.

Do you have good credit? Well, if so then you most likely get at least five offers for credit cards a week. There is a way to option out of these mailings. Go to this web site and fill out the information. I’ve verified this site is real with Clark Howard’s consumer advocate group.

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