Where do you find what you want on the Internet?

So where do you find out about the new products coming along in the market? How much time do you spend on the Internet? How much time do you really spend in front of a computer?

Well, most Information Technologist like me are in front of a computer 40-50 hours a week. A part of my job is to learn about new technologies. Therefore, the way I get that information has changed over the past few years. And now with so much information available, I have to be more efficient in retrieving and processing the information.

When the Internet got really rolling 10 years or so ago (remember Gore invented it) most information flowed via basic HTML web pages and email. Now, there’s RSS and a crap load of other technologies that take information and digest it for people to absorb.

To be honest, there are so many information aggregator web sites. I bet the average Internet user hits up Google when they start looking for a product. So, if this is all Greek to you don’t worry. If you want a place to find neat, new resources on the Internet, use either your browser or RSS aggregator and go to this site — LifeHacker.Com. This site finds and shows different technologies that will help you make more of your life.


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