Another music source and a reminder to remember

In my quest for the perfect office companion, I have come across a great music streaming site. Pandora is a web site that creates free music streams that are tailored to your preferences. You rate songs and it optimizes the songs it streams to you. Wow! So far I’ve been very happy with the results. How long can something like this continue to be free?

Now here’s the biggy find of the week. A co-worker sold me a 20GB iPOD for a song and let me tell you — I REALLY LIKE IT.

Now it isn’t a perfect music player. But so far I haven’t found anything better. The iTunes software is a little painful and the random playing option is too simplistic for my taste. But overall I give it a 8.2 on overall functionality.

capitalflagNow then, today is the start of the Memorial Day weekend. I’m going to remind myself to take a few minutes and think about the sacrifices millions have given over the past 230 years. Yes, 230 years of Americans sacrificing so that YOU and I can live in this great country and partake of the great riches and freedoms we have been graciously given.

Freedom isn’t free!


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