Why should you Blog? How do you start a Blog?

Ok, so I admit it. You write your thoughts down on this electronic format and people will know more about who you are only if you so choose to tell them. I’ve often thought of why do I BLOG. Yea, I want to give my friends and family a place to catch up with what’s I’m doing and what I’m thinking. But I really think the format of my blog is such that I want to write down my thoughts and have a place that in fifty years from now I can look back and read what was going on in my life. I forget a hell of a lot of details and need something to remind me.

And on top of that our Earth is fastly becoming smaller and smaller and I think it is important that humans keep the communication channels open. Knowing more about each other brings us closer together in the long run.

The nice thing about blogging is that you are in control of the level of engagement. You define your boundaries and you the writer determine where you go with your blog.

I blog about all types of thoughts that come to mind. However, many people blog about their job, about their hobby, about their life passions.

Even if you start a blog and no one reads it, it is still worth the effort. Even if one blog entry is read by one other person and the words you write helps that person in some small or big way, it would be worth all the time you put into writing your blog.

Now there are a lot of ways to start a blog. The easiest I’ve found is to go to Spaces.MSN.Com, Blogger.Com, or WordPress.Com and start a blog in three clicks or so. Steve MUNN you have no excuses. Make a little time and start writing and then tell me about your blog.


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