How Do You Really Change Yourself

How do I want to say this today? I’ve started this blog entry over several times and still don’t have a good introduction into what I want to say. It is weird sometimes having a BLOG and now I know how the real writers feel when they have “writers block.”

So to the thought of the day. This weekend while playing golf I allowed myself to get upset at my performance and to a lesser extent one of my playing partners. I know that I shouldn’t allow myself to come unglued as I do, but I just have this part of me that boils when things don’t go right and especially in competitive situations.

Additionally, when I start boiling I’m the type of person who has to let it out, and in there lies the problem.  I have this weird personality trait to always deal with conflict with others externally first instead of internally thinking about the issues before coming to a conclusion.

So my question is simple — how do you really change something that you don’t like about yourself? There are a lot of “methods” out there that give you suggested processes, but like so many things in life you have to find the right method for you to fix your problems.

But at least I realize I have problems to fix and am in search solutions. At least I have started trying!

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