My Adventure in Music

Sometime our journey through life brings you into situations that you would never have dreamed of. One day a co-worker friend introduced me to another co-worker who was in a band. Wayne and I started talking about our mutual interest in photography, videography and music. He suggested that I should come out and take some video and pictures of the band.

I said sure, and that conversation introduce me to the music business and started my association with Lucas McCain. I started taking pictures and video and over time became great friends will all the band members. Eventually the band would ask me to help them manage the band and I said “I’ll do what I can for you and we’ll see how far we can go.”

Over the past two and a half years I’ve slowly become a part of the band. I’ve been fortunate enough to help write lyrics on several of the songs on the just released New Horizon CD. I see myself as the silent band member in the background who helps the band become more successful by taking care of the business issues so the band can concentrate on doing what they do best — playing great music.

On Saturday we released Lucas McCain’s first CD titled New Horizon. The CD is a collection of Rock, Southern-Rock and a  pinch of Country. Every time I listen to each song I can remember our writing sessions and the thrill of bringing a new song together.

lmcoverWorking with the band has reinforced my belief that PASSION for your work makes your work results better. When you love doing something, you are going to enjoy the journey much more than when you look at it as just a J-O-B.

In celebration of releasing the CD and to get the word out, we are offering a cut off the CD as an MP3 to all our friends and hopefully thousands of new friends. Home on Their Mind is a warm, moving tribute to all service men and women who have put on the uniform in defense of our country and the freedoms we all enjoy.

I’m placing a link to the MP3 (click this LINK) so you can download and enjoy the music as much as we enjoy it. Please share this with your friends and family. If you like the music and want to support us, please go to our website and purchase the CD. Our website is


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